The Link Church

What to Expect

What to ExpectRelax - no one will force you to sit, stand, or raise your hand today. And if you're new...keep your wallet in your pocket.

When you visit The Link Church, you will hear some live worship music and you can sing along if you'd like. It's simply our way of focusing our attention on God. You will also hear a biblically-based and straight forward message from a pastor. Our prayer is that whatever you are dealing with, whatever you're facing, you'll have the opportunity to connect with God.

Common Questions

What should I wear? - We want you to feel comfortable so you can focus on the service. It is not uncommon to see people wearing sandals, shorts, jeans or t-shirts while others decide to wear their Sunday best. We think you'll fit in no matter what you wear.

Do you serve coffee? - Yes! There is free espresso and treats at the hospitality counter. You are welcome to take your coffee into the service with you.

Where do my children go? - You'll see the Kids Check In area as you enter the building. After signing your child in, you'll receive a security tag to use when picking your child up. There is a paging system to alert you if your child needs you during service. Learn more about Link Kids and our age-specific kids areas.

How long is the service? - Our services are just over an hour long.

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